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We’re a group of people who crave good creative projects. We’re experts in our fields and love working with companies to serve a purpose in their business. We’re funcompetitive, and client-obsessed. Oh, and we know how to get results.


"To provide exceptional service by providing high quality and secure solutions that allow our clients to grow and meet their business goals."


To be your most reliable technology partner and to make your business more efficient using advanced technologies.

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Founder, CEO

"Imagine having engineers on call, ready to help your business resume its activities as soon as possible after an unexpected IT emergency. That’s what our team at Techfinity does—and they do it well.

We are passionate about technology and enjoy delivering solutions, speaking and working with people who love technology. Having worked on several different IT projects and managed teams, our goal have always been to lend our expertise to companies in order to solve their IT problems. Our clients have been an integral part of our success at Techfinity as we continue to expand and grow through our integrity and communication skills. We are honest to the core, self-motivated, independent, loyal and always eager to learn."

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